definitely ovulated but no period ?

I am taking clomid at 50mg, the doctor said i ovulated after i had progesterone on day 21. it is now day 35 and i haven't had my period. I get cramps sometimes like i'm going to get it but then nothing. I have very sore breasts like i've never had before. I took a pregnancy test day 28 which was negative and day 34 which was also negative. Is it possible to ovulate and then just not have a period? I had an ectopic pregnancy in june that ended in july of this year after shots of . it was my third round of clomid. should i be worried that it's another ectopic because my hpt were negative then as well even though i was pregnant? can worry stop you from getting your period even if you definitely ovulated?


Can you please update me on your situation? I am looking for others like me: I came off the pill in July since my husband and I wanted to start trying. Long story short - no period since then - so its been 5 months with no periods. I do, however, have symptoms of ovulating and am pretty sure I ovulate every month. To be sure, a few weeks ago I felt I was ovulating - tested it and it came out positive. Its been 3 weeks and still no period. No article offers any help for us having this problem. My Dr. dismisses it as no problem and her solution is Clomid. She tested me for PCOS and every other condition possible and I am a perfectly healthy 26 year old woman. They say, no period means you didnt ovulate and there is no other answer - but how could this be if I AM ovulating? My husband and I havent started trying yet until my body goes back to normal. I am just looking to talk to others like me! I know I can probably take Clomid and or other fertility drugs but why cant my problem be explained?!

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